Développement de l’autonomie et du leadership des femmes pour la democratisation

What's The Point of Revolution if We Can't Dance?

Jane Barry and Jelena Đorđević’s 2007 book “What is the Point of Revolution if we Can’t Dance?” captures the experiences of women activists across the world, and the complexities of how they cope with their daily lives, and health and mental difficulties due to exhaustion. Often, these difficulties are seen as part of the “sacrifice” of working for justice and not understood as the precariousness of the work that can lead to vulnerabilities in health and to increased danger.

Since then, activist-authors like Jane Barry have continued challenging understandings of sustainability and promote reclaiming of this word as a fundamental strategy for the continuity of the feminist movement: “Sustainability is about being able to do the work we love, while still feeling full and happy in every part of our lives. It’s about feeling safe, feeling connected, feeling recognized, respected, and valued—for who we are, as much as for what we do”.

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Jane Barry and Jelena Dordevic
Urgent Action Fund for Women's Humans Rights
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Political and Public Participation