Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation

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PRESS RELEASE: Women Leaders National Jamboree--230 Women Leaders Building the New Indonesian Economy and Peace


Risma Umar from Institute for Women Empowerment (IWE) has stated that women leaders who attended the meeting are those who, for [the last] four years, have been involved with the Women's Empowerment for Leadership Development and Democratization (WELDD) program which the Institute for Women Empowerment (IWE) is a partner under.

Sustaining Our CVAW Activism in the Face of Rising Threats


In 2014 WELDD delivered three tailor-made regional workshops to frontline CVAW activists in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, incorporating self-care and integrated security techniques into strategies for resistance. Taking place in June, August, and September in Beirut (Lebanon), Jakarta (Indonesia), and Dakar (Senegal) respectively, the workshops proved to be a resounding success. Participants praised being introduced to new concepts of culture and gendered violence, and learnt self-care and leadership techniques to take forward in their work.

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