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IWE-WELDD Butterfly Effect: Change for Domestic, Informal and Home-Based Female Workers


The last post explained the concpet of WeSIS and the three schools that used it to empower informal workers, domestic workers, and home-based workers. The IWE-WELDD programme in Indonesia partners with Mitra Wanita Pekerja Rumahan Indonesia (MWPRI)for home-based workers; with JALA PRT, a network of organizations promoting the fulfilment of the rights of domestic workers; and Yayasan Annisa Swasti (YASANTI) working to strengthen the capacity of female porters. Here, we bring you voices from the participants of these three workshops, all of which talk about the positive change that has been brought into their lives.

IWE-WELDD Butterfly Effect: Well-being, Self-Care and Integrated Security


Today's post will explain the concept of WeSIS--Well-being, self-care, and Integrated security. This will give some background on IWE-WELDD's emphasis on this sphere, and how they implemented it with their partners. The next post will contain participants' voices and how WeSIS made an active difference to their lives.

IWE-WELDD Butterfly Effect: Pluralism as Seen Through the Islamic Lens, Pt. 2


Today is part-two of the last post, which explained IWE's collaboration with Solidaritas Perempuan Aceh (Aceh Women Solidarity) and RAHIMA in order to introduce the concept of pluralism to the people of West Java and Aceh.

IWE-WELDD Butterfly Effect: Pluralism as Seen Through the Islamic Lens


Today’s post will feature the first part of a two-part post, containing snippets from participants of the WELDD programme under IWE and Solidaritas Perempuan (Aceh Women Solidarity), designed to introduce the concept of pluralism as stated in the Quran to those in Aceh.

IWE-WELDD Butterfly Effect: Contributing to the Advancement of Women and Girls


In the second part of the Butterfly Effect series, IWE-WELDD shares testimonials from participants of their programmes in Indonesia. These powerful snippets are reminiscent of the flaps of a butterfly’s wing, and have set in motion a hurricane in the future.

Well-being, Self-Care and Integrated Security (WeSIS): An introduction


The term Well-being, Self-Care and Integrated Security (WeSIS) was coined by the Institute for Women’s Empowerment (IWE) and is regarded by IWE as a fundamental practice for building sustainable, transformative feminist leadership.

Social Solidarity Economy: An Introduction to the SSE concept and practise


The concept of Social Solidarity Economy has evolved over the last century into an international movement pioneered by the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (Red Intercontinental de Promoción de la Economía Social Solidaria, or RIPESS ). However, it is important to note that the movement is fluid and there are a myriad of organisations and proponents of SSE who diverge in their perceptions and understanding of the concept. With this in mind, this introduction to the concept of Social Solidarity Economy endeavours to provide an explanation of the common principles, values and beliefs which SSE is founded upon and how this movement differs from other economic frameworks.

The Reformer of Wringin Sukowono


In Indonesia’s East Java Jember District, Najma Milla, a young lady in the village of Wringin Sukowono is steadily making waves.

Ms. Milla is an alumna of RAHIMA (one of WELDD’s partner programme in Indonesia), which is an organization that advocates women’s equality based on modern and democratic ideas, and emphasizes its presence on a grassroots level. Ms. Milla is a breath of fresh air: with her husband Nurul, she is establishing an Islamic public-cum-boarding school (pesantren) not solely based on religion. Her pesantren would be the first school of its kind in the village.

For more information related this film you can visit IWE's website Perempuan Memimpin http://www.perempuanmemimpin.com/?lang=en
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