Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation


Warvin: "Make Women's Shelters Safe and Secure"


Amidst sectarianism, conflict, and fundamentalist violence, the staff of Warvin Foundation for Women’s Issues (WFWI) have continued undeterred with their project to support victims of domestic violence. They have gone, meticulously, successfully, setting up a project that monitors and evaluates the current set-up of women’s shelter, and lobbies the government and stakeholders to bring about an improvement.

Ending forced and abusive situations: Personal Testimonies of Success


The following are personal testimonies from WELDD women who attended workshops hosted by Shirkat Gah in Pakistan, and found from there the inner courage to stand up to their unfortunate circumstances.

A Young Senegalese Woman, Municipal Councillor Speaks About Challenges For Empowment, Strenghening Leadership, Building Peace And Security


Mbacké Sokhna is fierce. Municipal Councillor in Senegal, she has grown up "disrespecting" her expectations by participating in politics and undertaking the requisite activities.

Commemoration of International Peace Day


As part of the “Right of Peoples to Peace”,International Day of Peace 2014, the Somali Women Development Centre (SWDC), reinforced the values of peace and stability for the protection of human rights in Somalia. Across 3 events, the SWDC encouraged 500 participates including religious elders, camp leaders, disabled persons, women, men, youth and children to share their experiences about war and conflict and their contribution towards peace building and stability.

All Pakistan Youth Conference 2013


The first All Pakistan Youth Conference organized by SG-WELDD brought together young women and men from 38 youth groups from 11 districts across Pakistan’s four provinces. Coming together, the youth constructed a dialogue through participatory group work; shared experiences of working on various social issues and in particular how this impacts on women. They also shared the challenges that they faced in attaining their goals, as well as their future plans.

Pride without Prejudice


Great things happen when women are empowered. No one has proved this more readily and consistently than Ruqaia Bano, a WELDD women leader from Mehmoodkot, District Muzaffargarh, in Punjab.

Kholoud El-Sayed to Speak at TEDxSuezCanalUniversity


Egyptian WELDD graduate Kholoud El-Sayed has been announced as a speaker at TEDx Suez Canal University's first event, IDEUPHORIA.

"The struggle for women’s rights is not a straight line" says AFLED President Mariam Diallo-Dramé


Mariam Diallo-Dramé, President of the "Association Femmes Leadership et Développement Durable" (AFLED) of Mali, WLUML networker, and participant at WELDD trainings on political participant and peace-building, received the Medal of Merit from the Government of Mali in January. Here she talks to WLUML about her life and work.


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