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Early marriage

BAOBAB Successfully Mobilizes Community Against Child Marriage


A write-up on Baobab's successful project on advocacy against child marriage in Nigeria. The community was instantly mobilized, as if it had been waiting for this all along!

In the space of only one year, 276,000 under-age girls were married and 109,000 teenagers gave birth in Iran


1,289 mothers gave birth aged 14 in the year 1391 (2012-2013). There were another 275 births to 13-year-old mothers, 50 to girls aged 12 and 17 births to 11-year-old mothers. Four girls gave birth at the age of 10.

The First Time Ever


The festival of Mach Kacheri, a celebration of the coming of winter practiced in parts of Sindh and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan, is traditionally only celebrated by men. This year, however, WELDD women leaders patriarchal norms and established traditions to hold their own Mach Kacheri celebrations.

Justice for Iran: Recommendations on early marriage


The Iranian government must improve its rules on women's and girls' right to free and informed marriage, according to Justice for Iran's latest report. Current government policies permit infringements on girls' and women's autonomy and are incompatible with Iran's international human rights commitments. In 2013 thousands of girls under 15 were forced to marry.

A Child Marriage Stopped in Its Tracks


Kadidiatou Baldé , a 14 year old girl from Dinguiraye village in Senegal, was in fifth grade when her parents announced that she was to be married to a 24 year old man from the local area in April this year. Kadidiatou was disadvantaged by the fact that her father is dead and her mother and uncles, who she lives with, are poor. So when the man asked to marry her, her family accepted as the man comes from a wealthy family and has plans to migrate to Europe. Nonetheless, Kadidiatou was by no means content with the plans made for her; she was a bright student who wished most of all to continue her education.

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