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Warvin: "Make Women's Shelters Safe and Secure"


Amidst sectarianism, conflict, and fundamentalist violence, the staff of Warvin Foundation for Women’s Issues (WFWI) have continued undeterred with their project to support victims of domestic violence. They have gone, meticulously, successfully, setting up a project that monitors and evaluates the current set-up of women’s shelter, and lobbies the government and stakeholders to bring about an improvement.

Ending forced and abusive situations: Personal Testimonies of Success


The following are personal testimonies from WELDD women who attended workshops hosted by Shirkat Gah in Pakistan, and found from there the inner courage to stand up to their unfortunate circumstances.

Standing Tall


Naseem has come far in terms of personal development and self-awareness. From an abused child and a wronged wife, Naseem has emerged as a strong, confident woman, one of the most active and energetic leaders of the Purple Women’s Movement, having resolved almost 15 cases of domestic violence in her area.

The First Time Ever


The festival of Mach Kacheri, a celebration of the coming of winter practiced in parts of Sindh and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan, is traditionally only celebrated by men. This year, however, WELDD women leaders patriarchal norms and established traditions to hold their own Mach Kacheri celebrations.

‘We wanted to teach the judge a lesson and we were successful’


In Sri Lanka, religious Quazi courts have jurisdiction over marriage and divorce settlements within the Muslim community. The activist Raleefa challenged a Quazi judge’s decision, exposed his decisions on divorce and violence which were unfair to women, and had him removed from office. This is how she managed it.

Laying down the arms; hearing battered women’s voices

‘Give women free guns!’ - It was one of those headlines that catches your eye, but not in a particularly good way. I read on with a feeling of unease I have learnt to associate with discussions of domestic violence in Turkey.

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