Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation


Radio Station Examines Role of Women in War


This campaign’s organiser Amera Malek participated in the WELDD workshop in Cairo in 2013 (public and political participation), and more recently attended WELDD meetings in Istanbul (peace and security), and Lahore (culturally justified violence against women), she also spread the word to other members of her organisation who later went on to benefit from WELDD trainings.

Feminist Transformative Leadership: Women’s Contribution in Developing Aceh for Change

Teuku Muhammad Jafar is a member of Jaringan Masyarakat Peduli Syariat Islam (The Civil Society Network Concerning Sharia) in Aceh, Indonesia. He attended the WELDD workshop in August 2013 in Jakarta entitled "Culturally-Justified Violence Against Women: Resistance and Sustaining Our Activism". A section of the workshop was dedicated to the concept of Feminist Transformative Leadership. These are Jafar's reflections on the concept in relation to Aceh, written after the workshop.

Yarmouk camp victim of water wars in Syria


The Syrian regime is using water as a tool of war in the Yarmouk camp, according to a recent report issued by the Palestinian League for Human Rights (PLHR). According to PLHR, a diaspora network established in 2012 with contacts all over the Palestinian camps, the camp's water supply was entirely cut off with no justification provided, leading to a humanitarian catastrophe.

Turning Grief Into Peace


Syria is a country overshadowed by war and violence, and Syrian women suffer human rights violations on a daily basis. The country’s current state of crisis has led to women’s internal displacement and many Syrian women flee the country in order to escape violence and war as well as to seek refugee status in foreign countries.

The World at a Crossroads: Women Have the Solutions


We, sixty women representing thirteen countries spanning the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, together with our colleagues from Europe and North America, gathered together in Turkey at the Third Annual Forum on Women’s Rights, Peace and Security, convened by the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN), have one word to share with the world: Enough.


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