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International Agreements and How to Build a Legal Case for Women’s Land Rights

How to Use This Guide

The goal of this guide is to aid practitioners in researching and using international legal norms, regional conventions, and regional treaties and Protocols to engage State officials and institutions, including local and customary legal officials, to encourage domestic compliance with State obligations, and to challenge local laws and court decisions regarding women’s rights to land and property. The guide provides the underlying international norms and relevant treaty provisions addressing women’s land rights. The guide also includes a series of questions focusing on how to build a case challenging local laws or a court decision which violates international or regional commitments that the state has made with regard to women’s land and property rights. An Appendix provides relevant conventions, treaties, and treaty bodies with key provisions pertinent to women’s rights to land and property. In order to make these guides useful and user-friendly, when possible we have uploaded the full-text laws and articles that we cite to into the LandWise library. The footnotes throughout this guide are all hyperlinked to full-text laws, articles or other citation information. When you hover over a footnote, the citation information will pop up in a bubble. When you click on the footnote, you will be taken to the full-text of the item the footnote is referencing.

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Amanda Richardson
Published Date: 
Land and Economic Rights