Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation

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Extremism as Mainstream: Implications for women, development and security in the MENA/Asia region

Who supports modern day extremism and why? This International Civil Action Network report on the growth of Islamist extremism suggests that its adherents promote a clear vision and set of values, claiming an ethical and moral mantle in the face of corrupt or predatory states. The causes of extremism run deeper that anti-Western sentiment, and involves the geopolitical and military interests of wealthy supporters. Yet in every country, women are mobilizing to counter the impacts of such ideology. Women’s organizations are directly engaging with communities, expanding awareness of religious tolerance and human rights, and advocating for gender equality. These efforts are rarely recognized or supported by national or international policy makers. The full report, originally published by ICAN in Spring 2014, is available for download here: Extremism as mainstream


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Culturally Justified Violence Against Women