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The WLUML-WELDD Butterfly Effect Series: Thank You

Published Date: 
Thursday, October 8, 2015

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And with that, we conclude our first part of the Butterfly Effect series.

It’s hard to quantify deep shifts in personal consciousness into a few, condensed lines. It’s hard to express exactly what it means to realize, for the first time, that the circumstances we are born into do not define our fate; what it means to see that life, contrary to belief, is much more in our control than we thought.

It’s difficult to express that first inner wave, however minor it may be—difficult to compartmentalize, into a blog-length posts, what it feels like to sense a sudden inner solidity, a revival in self-esteem, and the quiet foundation of a sturdy, secure self-belief.

We had asked the WELDD participants to narrate stories they felt indicated the most significant personal change they felt. Many were uncertain; most too humble. A lot co-operated but were unwilling to have their stories published in public. But, once they understood what we were asking, and more importantly, why we were asking for them, they were happy to contribute.

WLUML collected over 50 narratives, and only 11 consented to have them published. While the sample is small, we hope it has been appropriately representative of the ripple effect that has been produced. On our end, with access to the rest, we can assure you: it definitely has.

We thank Fatima*, Fozia*, Mariam*, Aisha*, Salma*, Awa*, Saira*, Zainab, Aalia*, Anah*, Mai*, and Rada* for sharing their stories—stories that it can’t be easy to identify and quantify. Stories it can’t have been easy to pick as more important or less important. Stories that have required inner reflection, some stillness, some rumination. Thank you.

And thank you, WELDD portal visitors and friends, for staying with us throughout the WLUML-WELDD series. In the coming weeks, we will be uploading more stories from our project partners Shirkat Gah and Institute for Women’s Empowerment, which we love for you to tune in to as well.

Till then: keep changing, keep empowering, keep being empowered.

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