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UPDATE: Iran: Shadi Sadr is not going to be released

20/07/2009: The bail for the release of Shadi Sadr was provided by her family today but there is still no news of her release. (Meydaan)

Security Guards called Shadi’s family earlier today asking them to provide bail, but after waiting outside of Evin prison for 5 hours, they returned home without her. Hussein Nilchian, Shadi’s husband, had asked the guards what would be acceptable for bail and they had responded that ID card and salary documents. Nilchian was accompanied to the Revolutionary Court to follow the process by Shadi’s friend, Zahra Minouie. Unfortunately Shadi’s lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaie, was not in Tehran.

Zahra says: “We arrived at the Revolutionary Court around 2 pm, on the first floor they told us that we should go to another section, as Shadi’s case was still under investigation.”

“We went to the upper floor and talked to the head of Judge Haddad’s office. He told us that Shadi’s name was not among those who will be released today, but that her name might be on Tuesday’s list. We were told that Judge Haddad was not there and we should go to the Evin’s Prison to find him.”

Zahra says “We, some of Shadi’s friends and her family, were waiting in front of the Evin Prison from 3pm. The officials announced the names of 15 detainees whose families were there waiting their release. However, Shadi’s name was not among them. We asked them several times about Shadi but they always told us we should wait.” She continues “Finally, at 6 pm, we were able talk with Judge Rasekh in Evin Prison, when we mentioned Shadi’s name, he said: “ I do not know who called you today but Shadi Sadr is not going to be released now.” We asked him: “Do you mean she won’t be released today and will be released on Tuesday?” He replied: “No, she is not going to be released”

Shadi Sadr, women’s activist and human rights lawyer, was arrested by unknown plainclothes officers on Friday. Those who arrested her did not provide any judiciary documents for her arrest. Shadi resisted but they forced her into a car while her head scarf and coat were left behind.

There are many families that continue to wait in front of the Evin Prison day after day for their release of their loved one who were arrested in the post-election protests. While they have provided the bail and any other documents they were asked for, many of them have still not had any news about their friends and relatives.

19 July 2009

Source: Meydaan