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Serbia and Montenegro: "Extradite Them" throughout Serbia

Belgrade -- In February, representatives of the nongovernmental organization Women in Black will continue the action "Extradite Them!" throughout Serbia.
A banner with that slogan will travel to Leskovac, Vlasotince, Niš, Bor, Negotin and Prijepolje as an expression of citizen disobedience to policies and repudiation of crimes.

The demands of the action are: full and unconditional cooperation with the Hague tribunal, immediate extradition of all those accused of war crimes, repeal of the law on financial support of Hague defendents and their families, and initiating investigation of mass graves.

Youth attempts to tear banner

In Novi Sad, during an action of Women in Black, an unidentified youth attempted to tear a banner with the slogan "Extradite Them," but a greater incident was averted thanks to the composure of participants in the action. Although the event was briefly interrupted when the youth attempted to tear the banner, the activists remained calm, and he quickly moved away.

Remarking that the Women in Black gathering had been registered and that police guarded it, spokesperson Stevan Krstiæ of the Novi Sad Police Department told the agency Beta that police observed what the youth did, but then estimated that there was no need for intervention, because "everything was finished very quickly."