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Almost Three Years On, WELDD Ripple Effects Still Felt

Published Date: 
Monday, November 16, 2015

Last week, the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW) team, the group without whose funding WELDD would not have materialized, visited former WELDD participants in the Middle East as part of their follow-up for their funded projects.

They spoke to ten participants, giving each the space and time to detail how the WELDD project helped, inspired, and shaped their mission since their individual participation. There was a collective agreement on how the online mentoring, including the WLUML listserv, energized them in their goals, and how much the WELDD emphasis on self-care changed their perspectives on activism and its sustainability.

One of the participants commented that she had learned about feminism and its successes plenty in theory through books and reading, but it was the workshops that showed her this action on the field. “It showed me how feminists have and are changing the world, and created a space where I am able to enjoy the things that I enjoy now.”

Another participant suggested engaging more women by incorporating technology, and taking use of our app-based world in matters such as their safety. All participants emphasized on the need to work trans-nationally and change experiences with Iran and Afghanistan.

One of the participants, whose work involves women’s role in peace-building under the context of the religious/sectarian divide, spoke of how the project “empowered” her and the team to demand access new spaces that have previously been closed off to women and girls.

There was an overall consensus that the workshops were indeed “life-changing”. These participants remembered the names of the workshop facilitators still, and expressed gratitude at having had the opportunity to attend.

The FLOW team, after this successful meeting, tweeted about the event:


Great to see the impact still being felt years after the workshops’ inception!

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