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Board Member Homa Hoodfar: “Veil isn’t the solution; the political will to end harassment is”


Iranian feminist scholar, Dr. Homa Hoodfar talks about the veil and the need for understanding the complexities of the ancient tradition

IDPs face increasing sexual violence in Mogadishu


In 2012, the Somali government released a statement ordering IDPs living inside Mogadishu to move out of the city. At the time, the majority of IDPs were living in government-owned buildings which have not been maintained since the collapse of the government and the breakout of civil war in 1991. A minority voluntarily evicted the area while many fell victim to forceful eviction, all were not provided with alternative housing even though the government promised resettlement plans but that promise still remains unfulfilled. Apart from that, in most cases, the evictees are not provided with official written notice and enough time to vacate the area and as a result their properties are destroyed.

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