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Aya Chebbi: We're showing a story about Tunisia, unlike the news


On March 18, Tunisia witnessed an attack on the Bardo Museum in the heart of the capital city, Tunis, next door to the Parliament.
Suddenly, international media was disseminating misinformed news about the situation in Tunisia, promoting an image of “terrorism” and “Jihadism” taking over the country, “destroying its economy”, and “threating its democracy”. It is actually not the attack that will affect our economy and tourism but it's the narrative mainstream media propagates at all times.

New Radio Campaign Highlights Women's Role in Peace and Security


This month the Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace launches Souriat FM radio to promote women’s participation in Syria and the Arab world. It is inspired by the fifteen year old UN Security Council Resolution 1325 affirming women’s vital role in political settlements and reconstructions.

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