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Afghan Women: Ready to Climb the Highest Mountain

It has been 6 months since we began working together with Afghanistan’s National Mountain Climbing Federation to establish a women’s national mountain climbing team for Afghanistan. In doing so, we are aiming to introduce new conquerors, and to challenge the idea that “it is a man’s thing to be a mountain climber” or “women should just stay inside their houses.”

And now I close my eyes...

From the photos of Shaimaa El-Sabbagh murder in 24 January 2015 in Cairo, Egypt, Radwa recalls a feeling she has every time she went on a march.

Iran: How the discussion about women’s presence in stadiums can teach us feminist lessons

At the end of August 2014 with the beginning of the men’s volleyball world championships, a sad news story surfaced in Iranian social media communities stating that a young woman named Ghoncheh Ghavami had been arrested. Ghavami was detained on June 20th at Azadi (“Freedom” in Farsi) where female fans held a brief demonstration after being told they could not enter the stadium to watch a men’s volleyball match.

A Spotlight on Digital Security and Online Privacy Scene in Egypt

As I prepare for this blogpost now listening to “sexy and I know it” track, I think of Big Brother listening to the track with me, and hoping he doesn't arrest me for “Poor musical taste”, and recently it's not just me, but everyone in the 89M Egypt's population should be thinking about that, Why?

That's what I'm here for...

The Midnight Email

Day 16 of the 16 Days Blogging Series:

I still feel the teargas' effects on me... my eyes and my nose are on fire, the voices of people are coming from different sides “wash your eyes with Pepsi”, and the voice in my head “but my face will be sticky”. I still check my Twitter timeline and search for my friends' and colleagues' tweets or the Facebook updates; recalling the unspoken code: as long as you are tweeting or facebooking then you are safe and hopefully secure.

The Purple Women’s Movement

Day 15 of the 16 Days Blogging Series:

In 2012, Shirkat Gah conducted training and awareness sessions in the Swat valley, pertaining to the impacts of war on women and their part in reconstruction efforts as recognized in the United Nations Resolution 1325. Shirkat Gah witnessed the rise of women leaders as they realized their potential for social change and called for the formation of a women’s group to work for the reestablishment of peace in the region. Thus, the group Khwendo Tolona, meaning “sister collective” was formed.

Bangsamoro Women and Peace

Day 14 of the 16 Days Blogging Series:

In our journey to peace, we have met different groups of people and organizations. We all have our own contexts, our own lived realities and our narratives to share. We may not meet eye to eye, and disagree on certain aspects of discussion, but we all shared one common goal. That goal is to stop violence and work towards peace. A daunting task one might say but every hardship, roller coaster ride one must take will lead us to better lives. Not just this generation but also the next to follow.

The Anjuman Muzareen Punjab Movement: Women’s Role in the Struggle for Land and Economic Rights

Day 13 of the 16 Days Blogging Series:

The peasant community under the rustic feudal culture of Pakistan has historically been, and remains to this day, an underclass of people suffering in one form or another from serfdom. Throughout the subcontinent’s history peasants have been exploited by the powerful elite and by the state. In Pakistan, examples of unfair and unjust treatments of peasant communities can still be seen in abundance.


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