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من أنتم لتنظموا نسلنا؟

تتكاثف بهذا الموقف جهود ومساعي تنظيم الأسرة التي بدأت مع بداية أزمة النزوح واللجوء إلا أن نتائجها تثبت أنه يوجد هوة في مكان ما تتمثل في زيادة في أعداد الولادات و الزواج المبكر.

Rethinking Regional Security Through Africa's Economic Integration

Following the peaceful 2013 general elections, I decided to explore and highlight the role of youth and women in the peace process that transformed its previous 2007/2008 volatile post-election violence. On my last day in Nairobi, a few hours before heading to the Westgate shopping mall, I heard about the Al Shabab attack. It was a tragic and sad day, waiting for the fate of the hostages and praying for the victims. Two weeks ago, Tunisia has also witnessed an attack on the Bardo Museum in the heart of the capital city, Tunis, next door to the Parliament. I experienced the same saddening feeling.

Saving the Memory of Farkhunda

A week ago, I woke up to the most horrifying news I have ever heard. I woke up around 9 a.m. and checked my Facebook account. It was full of pictures and videos of a woman who had just been brutally killed by a mob in Kabul. The first sentences I read about the incident left me in shock: "Today we killed a woman who burned the Quran-e Sharif, Allah u Akbar."

Feminist Transformative Leadership: Sumbangsih Perempuan Membangun Aceh untuk Perubahan

Nilai-nilai transformatif (transformative value) sangat dibutuhkan, dan perempuan telah mengambil bagian penting dalam gerakan-gerakan tranformatif membangun Aceh. Salah satu sumbangsih penting transformative value perempuan Aceh adalah pembangunan melalui persfektif kepemimpinan, ideologi, sumberdaya, pendekatan, strategi perubahan sosial, dimana perempuan sering berada di garda terdepan dalam melakukan pekerjaan mulia tersebut.

Artikel ini dapat dilihat juga pada http://www.perempuanmemimpin.com/2015/03/feminist-transformative-leaders...

Penulis: Jafar (Jaringan Masyarakat Sipil Peduli Syariat Islam)
Jafar berasal dari Aceh, Indonesia. Ia menghadiri workshop berjudul "Culturally-Justified Violence Against Women: Resistance and Sustaining Our Activism" di Jakarta, Agustus 2014. Sumber tulisan ini berasal dari blog pribadinya http://www.philosufi.net/2015/01/feminist-transformative-leadership.

Feminist Transformative Leadership: Women’s Contribution in Developing Aceh for Change

Teuku Muhammad Jafar is a member of Jaringan Masyarakat Peduli Syariat Islam (The Civil Society Network Concerning Sharia) in Aceh, Indonesia. He attended the WELDD workshop in August 2013 in Jakarta entitled "Culturally-Justified Violence Against Women: Resistance and Sustaining Our Activism". A section of the workshop was dedicated to the concept of Feminist Transformative Leadership. These are Jafar's reflections on the concept in relation to Aceh, written after the workshop.

Celebrating Women's Day with Love, Laughter, and Strength

In the cold of winter, we celebrated International Women’s Day – two days early – on the peak of one of the most difficult mountains that surround Kabul. On the morning of March 6, I walked into the Mountain Climbing Federation room where the girls were preparing to depart for the mountain.

Yara in the White Uniform

Lately I came across a picture of Yara in the white uniform of the prison. I couldn't stop myself from thinking, "ooh she looks beautiful in white." She seemed tired but still smiling, and giving hope to others. The white uniform added a graceful aspect to her free spirit. White is the light, white is the new page for writers and a blank campus for painters. Yara in white is sending a message, that she is actually starting a new chapter of her courageous journey for human rights and justice.

Mukhannathun in Islam

“Men acting like women?”
“This is a sign of the End Times!”


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